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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest topics regarding the internet today. Using SEO, you can use tools like analytics, keywords, and customer behavior to not only enhance the experience of your target audience but also to generate traffic in a way that increases your customer base and sales. Google currently holds 90% of the search engine market worldwide. While this presents us with certain challenges around a practically closed market, it also means that most of the tools available to us are, in fact, centered around the Google search engine.

The first steps of SEO include the generation of customer profiles. Some of the questions that might come into play are:

1) which services are required by the customer
2) which actions does the customer have to take to get the service
3) what back-end services are required to fulfill the main function (e.g. security, usability

Once these three points have been identified, one can begin to use the tools around SEO that are available. All of the tools listed below are free-of-charge – so you can begin to use them immediately.

1) Keyword generation: it sounds easy, but the generation of keywords around your product; that is, what is the user searching for to find you can be difficult. To achieve this in the best way, you can use the Google Adwords functionality. You can even filter results using location. Google AdWords will generate a list of current keywords around your product, and which combinations of those words are being searched.

2) The Google Search Engine is not as focused on ad revenue was one might think when it comes to ranking. To achieve a proper ranking, the following should be noted:
a) Google looks into the meta-description to produce a description that is shown to users in the search result. It should be a maximum of 160 words, but should also include a “call-to-action” on the part of the user. For instance ” click here, too…” The metadata description should be placed in the header of an HTML document
b) Google tries to find the most relevant websites for your search result, meaning that not just pages that are holding the keyword will get to the top. Google also looks at structure and style. Keywords should be around 2-4% of the total words on any site. The proper styling of headings (h1, h2, h3) is also very important.
c) Pictures are very important – you can use hidden metadata to increase your keyword count. Remember to put a title and alternative text in the picture with your keyword.

3) If you are interested in running a keyword and structure test on any website, you can use the tool called SEORCH ( This website enabled you to see whether the website is properly structured for today’s SEO requirements.

4) WordPress is one of the best online services that is free of charge for SEO. The reason for this is the many different SEO plug-ins that are available for WordPress. If you are writing out a document, you can use the plug-in called “Yoast” in order to analyze the content of your website on-the-fly

5) Generation of backlinks: one of the ways in which Google identifies your website as particularly relevant to any keyword search is the presence of back-links. That is websites that are linking to your website from an external website. You can discover which sites are linking to yours by using Google Analytics, another service that you can sign up for, free of charge. You can check your competition’s backlinks by using a service like You can then write backlink providers and ask them to link to your website.

Here are some great tips for increasing the quality of your SEO:

– Sitemap.xml: you can create a free sitemap by signing up for Google Webmaster tools. Providing a sitemap on your website increases the relevance to the search engine, as it is counted as “unique content”

– Try to shorten URLs to only include the relevant keywords. You can use WordPress functions to make sure that URLs end. An example would be, with ‘how to SEO’ being the keyword.
– How current is the website?
– No dead links
– No flash
– Using Text navigation (part of sitemap), rather than image navigation

We hope you enjoyed this article on Search Engine Optimization. Using the advanced tools provided to you, you will be able to streamline and target your audience for the best user experience.

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