Top 5 Link Building Methods for 2018

Building up plenty of backlinks from well-respected sites in your industry is a huge factor in your search engine optimization (SEO).

To make it onto the coveted first page of the search results, you need backlinks. And that’s where link building comes in.

There have quite a few techniques for link building over the years, but as search engines have updated how they rank sites, some techniques have become ineffective. Here are five that you can use for excellent results in 2018.

1. Build Content Around Your Original Research and Data

Publishing high-quality content has always been a good way to get backlinks, but you can take it to the next level when you conduct your own research and build your content around it.

Although this requires more work on your end than simply writing up a blog post, the result is a valuable piece of content with research behind it. Anyone who wants to reference that research without plagiarizing it will need to provide a backlink to your site.

2. Conduct Interviews with Big Names in Your Niche

No matter what your niche is, there are likely plenty of big names and social media influencers out there. Interviewing one of them will benefit you the same way that conducting your own research does. Any sites that want to reference the interview will need to give you a backlink to do so.

Another bonus to this method is that the influencer could promote the interview through their own site or social media, sending more traffic your way.

3. Write Guest Posts on Other Sites

This is a classic technique for link building that has been effective for years and likely always will be. There are all kinds of benefits to guest posting on sites with solid domain authority. You obviously get backlinks, which will likely send more traffic your way. It also builds your brand.

Just make sure you choose legitimate sites that have good authority in your niche. It’s a waste of time to create valuable content, only to post it on a low-quality site that barely gets any traffic.

4. Publish Content that Mentions Influencers

Here’s another way to get influencers to mention your site and link to it – create content that references them and what they offer. One effective option is a list article, as these are very popular with readers.

For example, if you have a site that focuses on health and fitness, you could make an article listing some of the top online fitness gurus. While you may not get backlinks from all of them, some of them may do so, since you’re promoting them.

5. Check for Opportunities with Broken Links

When you’re checking out popular sites that are relevant to yours and would be a good backlink opportunity, click their current backlinks to see if any are broken. This is an easy way to score a backlink, and all it takes is a little work on your part to find broken links.

If you find a broken link and you have content that is similar, send the site owner an email to mention the broken link you find. Make sure you subtly mention that you have a piece of content that fits the same mold. The typical site owner will be appreciative that you notified them of the broken link, and then swap your own link in.

The best approach to link building is using a variety of different techniques to see which work the best for you. Give the techniques listed above a try as you go on your link-building campaigns in 2018.

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