White Hat SEO Techniques 2018

White Hat SEO techniques are strategies that leverage and obey search engine rules to work in your website or blog’s advantage. While search engines become more sophisticated at recognizing authentic, quality content, in some niches the competition is tight to get a page 1 rank on Google or other popular search engines. Here are a few white hat SEO techniques to use in 2018:

1. Make your site “mobile first”

Instead of designing your website or blog to look and work well from a laptop or desktop, think about your mobile design first. Mobile devices are now used for more than half of all Internet usage, so it’s important to get your mobile first strategy right. A good mobile site is one that loads quickly, is easy to navigate without expanding to full-site view, and does not have a lot of pop-ups or advertisements dragging it down.

2. Focus on your audience’s experience

User experience (UX) is a trending term right now, but it should always be your goal to provide your readers, customers or clients with a high quality experience online. To improve your UX, invest in some testing. By having people who are not obligated to you (ex: employees) give you feedback on your website, you’ll get a clear picture of what needs to be improved to enhance the experience for others. When people have a positive experience with your business online, they’re more likely to buy your product or service and recommend it to others.

3. Asking your audience about the content they want

Instead of guessing in a vacuum of keyword research, get into the nitty gritty with your online audience. If you have a mailing list, send out a request to your readers asking them to give you feedback on your content and what they want to hear from you. This takes things a step beyond UX and into the real world. By engaging your readers, customers, or clients in a meaningful way you will be able to develop a more robust content strategy for long-term growth.

4. Organize your labeling structure

Whether it’s your schema, metadata or permalink name, having a clear and organized way to label and structure your data will make the UX better and make navigating the site more efficient. People don’t want to spend time on a website that frustrates them. The magic is behind the scenes. If you haven’t already, start from step one and create a sitemap. You can use a program like Xmind, make tables in Word, or simply take out an old school pen and paper. The goal with organizing your website data is simple: you want search engine bots and users to find information quickly and easily. It helps to think of your content in terms of verticals. For example, if you write a technology blog, you may have entertainment, business, and mobile as verticals for your content. Then under each vertical, you’ll have horizontals like Entertainment > Television tech, etc.

5. Don’t worry about RankBrain (Google’s New Algorithm) – Worry About Human Brains

The goal of Google’s algorithms is always to make technology closer to human understanding. While algorithms are faster and cheaper than sorting content manually, the algorithms Google develops will always be improving to get closer to the human brain. To stay ahead of the curve, write and design your content for humans, not computers.

White hat SEO techniques ensure that your company is operating in a legal, ethical way on the web. While buying likes or reviews won’t necessarily land you in legal trouble, they’re not what’s best for business. Keep your content clean and your customers will follow.

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