What is Franchise SEO?

Branding vs. Locally-Targeted

Franchisors, for the most part, are brand marketers and are more interested in growing brand recognition (to sell more locations) than they are with super-targeted, locally-relevant content.  This presents a challenge for SEO because optimizing around the main head terms don’t do much for local searches.

Co-op Marketing Dollars

The franchisees are not excited to put more of their gross sales into a “national marketing fund” – it feels more like they’re being nickel-and-dimed and maybe not receiving the full benefit of the fund.

Limited Tracking & Analytics

If the franchisor forces the franchise to use the main website and their location-specific page for marketing, there seems to be very limited analytics and tracking of leads because the franchisor might not have implemented a system where each location can get monthly detailed analytics, such as visits to the page, calls made, chats initiated or forms submitted.

Our analysis shows that the most ideal way to handle franchise SEO is to treat each location as a micro-site, instead of just a simple landing page within a subset of city and state location pages.

Lack of Online Spend Locally

At the same time, the franchisees are not all willing to put forth a significant budget towards online marketing in their area, especially if there are other franchises in the same market. The fear is that they don’t want to be paying to drive leads to their so-called competition down the road. Along these lines, the franchisees more or less expect natural lead flow (or foot traffic) into the business since they’ve bought into a brand name and a retail location.

Alternate Domains

For the more Internet-savvy franchisees who put up other vanity URLs, it turns out that the franchisor does not like the individual franchisee going “rogue” and creating these separate websites and URLs, since these could compete with the main website and the investment that has been poured into that as the main lead generation engine. However, some franchisors are okay with the franchisee setting up separate landing pages for PPC purposes that are outside the realm of the primary domain.

SEO Pricing Plans

At the end of the day, the biggest consideration for SEO, like all of digital marketing, is your unique business needs and goals.


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